At Stagesoft we recognize that there are no simple productions. Bringing the vision to life requires your team to be in perfect harmony. You can make this happen with Stagesoft. It eliminates the mundane and time consuming tasks like maintaining cuesheets, updating scripts and interconnecting equipment, allowing your team to concentrate on the creative aspects of the show. With Stagesoft there is no more shuffling of papers and you can finally retire that well-worn arsenal of multi-colored high lighters.

“You can finally retire
that well-worn arsenal
of multi-colored high lighters.”

All applications are connected

All the Stagesoft applications are connected to the CUE SERVER using the local network.
As your stage manager steps through the script line by line, the current line is instantly highlighted on all the workstations so anyone can tell at a glance where we are in the script.


Cues are linked to the script

The cues that you create can be linked to a line in the script, just like the cue notes that you put in the script on your desk. All the Cues are added to the Cue List which allows full access to any cue at any time.
All workstations are able to see where cues have been entered, so less time is wasted updating everyone on the latest changes.  In many cases, it is practical to just let the cues execute automatically as the current line changes.

If a performer skips a section or does something out of order then the stage manager can jump to an appropriate location in the script. All the workstations will synchronize and the cues will execute right on time.


Stop wasting time

“Eveyone knows exactly where we are in the script at all times.”Use your rehearsal time to work out those last details that make the difference. Stagesoft makes it easy to jump to any point in the script and instantly be ready to continue from there. This makes your rehearsals more efficient. Eveyone knows exactly where we are in the script at all times.

Instead of spending time trying to burn a new cd with the latest sound effects you have chosen, have them ready to play- and cued to the proper location within seconds. With Stagesoft, there will be no more forgotten lighting or mic cues, which means your audience and performers will be able to connect without distraction.


Concentrate on the creative aspects

Stagesoft makes linking lighting, sound, and video cues absolutly trivial, allowing you to create dramatic effects that until now would have needed a mountain of special equipment or a broadway crew to achieve.

StageSoft is a tightly integrated suite of applications. One each for: Audio, Sound, and Video.  They share common interface, so learning one application is like learning all of them.  Synchronization allows a small team of people to create and execute a complex series of cues consistently from performance to performance.

Each show can be stored as a seperate file so you can finally remember how to achieve “that one cool lighting effect we used 3 years ago in the spring show”.