STAGESOFT 4.0: The evolution continues

STAGESOFT 4.0 is here! The entire suite has been redesigned and enhanced with new features that streamline the workflow and allow for greater flexibility.

Whether it’s a Broadway musical or a Sunday worship service,
Stagesoft is your integrated solution.


Dream bigger.

This breakthrough software makes it easy to create complex audio / visual effects that until now required a large skilled team.

Reduce cost.

Allow your limited resources to achieve more with fewer trained staff while saving on expensive hardware.

Improve quality.

StageSoft allows you to easily create and manage a production containing thousands of lighting, video, audio, flyrail, and spot cues.



Improve collaboration and communication creating the desired outcome faster.

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Rest assured.

Have confidence that all cues will consistently perform as designed.

WAVE 4.0

A powerful management/multi-channel sound playback application. Sound effects are right on time every time.

  • Easy to cue sound effects.
  • Seamless transitions between sounds.
  • Perform complex actions consistently from night to night.
  • Fast access to any cue is great for improv.
  • Control your digital mixer from anywhere in the room.
  • Complete control of individual sounds at all times.
  • Non destructive waveform editing.
  • Easily replace a sound track or sound effect with a new one without changing every cue in the show.

VIEW 4.0

A breakthrough in lyric presentation and video/picture playback applications.

  • Satisfy both the audience and the performers using custom views on each output screen.
  • Quickly and easily add prebuilt scenes(songs) to your script.
  • Instant popups are available at any time. They allow messages to be displayed for the audience (a blue van in the lot your lights are on) or for the stage (Tom: Your mic is OFF!)
  • Easy to create impressive effects, like a logo floating over video.
  • Scrolling Lyric display makes it easier for the audience and crew to follow along.


A revolutionary lighting control application, designed and tested in real theaters and churches. The user interface has been tailored to encourage novice designers to experiment with confidence and allow experienced designers to move with unprecedented speed.

  • Intuitive building of reusable and customizable lighting looks.
  • Easily name your channels and looks.
  • Ability to control intelligent fixtures.
  • Synchronize with audio tracks using tap tempo.
  • Pallete tools make it easy to experiment with matching color combinations Control surface integration for easy look creation and sub-master control.